The New Lims are for nons!?


you purchaged

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friendly-Neighbor-Kat ™ here with a little PSA:

As of right now (9:06 pacific standard time, 5/10/17) all new mother’s day limited items can be bought with *stars*…. even if you are a non. 

All y’all nons, I recommend hurrying and getting all the ones you want before fantage potentially fixes this.

(I am very not sure if this intended or not- so be wary)


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New (Minor) but important Mymall Updates


It had seemed like Fantage reopened Mymall with no changes but a few have been found recently.

They Include:

ecoingThe gold to ecoin exchange booth is no longer in place. Personally I think this is a fair change because gold can be used interchangeably with ecoins;the machine was doing more harm then good (i.e. “hackers” using it to get rid of “hacked” account’s gold).

whatNon members can no longer buy items from Mymall. Ah, slowly but surely The Smart-People-Who-Run-Fantage™ are pushing Non-Members to buy membership, by stripping away their rights one at a time. I guess, this is understandable ( Fantage wants to make money) although it is a slight inconvenience to it’s players, who now have to pay every month to enjoy one of Fantage’s main attractions. Oh well. 

What do you think of the new changes? Do you think they should have added more/  or not changed anything…

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My fantage style through the ages



That’s basically all I had back then….

I wore that notebook alllllllllll the time.


2012 ahhhh the angel costume faze

I also was really proud of my 1 blue shop hair and my castle board.




That’s all I wore back then. Not even kidding. Not. Even. Kidding.

Yeah I was very lame. I always tried to be cool back in Trade n’ Sell but failed.

Also halfway through 2013 I quit Fantage but came back late 2014 😉



ahhhh good ol’ 2014

The start of Mymall really gave me a lot of opportunitys. I made loads of new friends and developed a style, with a variety of clothing.




I didn’t like big boards at all so I wore that angel carrier one like 24/7.

and without further adooooooooooo



Where I am right now 😉

Happy 5 year Fantage anniversary to me!